The characters

Find out a bit more about some of the great Horace Burp characters. Meet Horace’s family and friends and some of the crazy people he encounters on his adventures.


Lavender for web site

More about Lavender

Lavender Burp is Horace’s mum. She spends most of her time eating chocolates, watching soaps on the TV or reading the gossipy bits in glossy magazines. She is far too busy doing all these things to notice Horace changing colour.

More about Horace

Horace is the hero of the story. He is eight years old and has stick-thin arms and legs. His very favourite meal is cheeseburger and chips with lashings of tomato sauce. Occasionally he is bullied by Digger and his Beefy Bogey gang at school, but his chameleon powers soon change all that. Being able to turn green, red, yellow and blue according to his different moods proves pretty cool.
Boris for web site

More about Boris

Boris is Horace’s dad. He is obsessed with playing the guitar, which he does very badly, and doing impressions of the Rolling Stones. He always has his head in a newspaper so he doesn’t take much notice of Horace either.
Angel for web

More about Angel

Angel is Horace’s very scruffy black and white bearded collie. He’s a bit of a wimp and exceedingly greedy. Angel is terrified of going anywhere near the vet. He is also Horace’s best pal in the whole world.
aunty cressida for web

More about Cressida

Aunty Cressida is Boris’s sister and Horace’s favourite Aunty. She’s a rather large lady with a triple chin who will do anything for Horace, particularly if it involves food. She loves hamburgers even more than Horace does. She drives a bright yellow Volkswagen with black bumble bee stripes painted on it, which she can only just squeeze herself into.
Tina for web

More about Tina

Tina Tiddles is also in Horace’s class. She hates camping with a passion but is one brave and very practical girl – just the kind of person you need with you in a crisis. And she likes Horace – a lot!
Digger for web

More about Digger

Digger is a big, spotty-faced bully who is the leader of the mean boys in the Beefy Bogey gang.  The gang have been making Horace‘s life a bit of a misery   – that is until Horace’s chameleon powers give them a shock they won’t forget in a hurry.
Chu Fatt fo web

More about Chu Fatt

Chu Fatt Chen is a new boy at Horace’s school,  who has some very special Kung Fu skills. After a run-in with the dreaded, bullying Beefy Bogey gang he becomes Horace’s very good friend.

New characters in Book 2, Horace Burp Lizard Boy Hero:

Mrs Sniffle-Snottle from Horace Burp

More about Mrs Sniffle-Snottle

Mrs Sniffle-Snottle is Horace’s exceedingly nosy next door neighbour who often spies on Horace through her binoculars. She doesn’t like Angel or Horace very much.
Uncle Herbert from Horace Burp

More about Uncle Herbert

Horace’s mysterious Uncle Herbert lives in a ruined castle in Scotland and runs some kind of zoo for exotic animals.  There are rumours he may have been involved with an animal smuggling gang in South America. Shhh!  He also knows a family secret about why Horace can change colour and climb like a chameleon lizard.


Tishy-Toshy from Horace Burp

More about Tishy-Toshy

Tish-Toshy is an overweight, mean and smelly Siamese cat, who likes nothing better than to sit on the Burps’ garden fence and hiss and spit at Angel. She also eats everything she can get her claws into – particularly if it has wings and feathers or is small and furry with pink feet!